Rotatable sputtering target


Rotatable Sputtering Target

Rotary sputtering target technology has been widely used in thin film deposition, especially for large area coating, such as architectural glass and flat panel displays coating manufacturing. The standard manufacturing methods are plasma spraying onto the base tubes, casting, and extrusion of the complete assembly.

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Rotary Target Manufacturing Methods

ZHX METAL provides the custom-made cylindrical rotary sputtering targets, mainly  Ti, W, Ta, Mo, Nb, Cr, Ag, Al, Si, Sn and other metal and alloy materials.

Sprayed:  We provide thermally sprayed rotary targets providing optimal process stability and performance, including plasma, arc and cold spray production method. The main materials are AZO, ITO, Mo, Si, TiOx, ZnO, and ZTO.

Cast: Main advantages are high compositional and microstructural consistency and purity control, which contribute to high process yield and long target life. Products include InSn, Sn alloys, ZnAl and ZnSn materials.

Extruded: ZHX METAL is an established supplier of high-purity extruded Al, Cu, Mo, Nb, Ta, Ti, Zr, V and other materials with good purity and grain size.

HIP/Sintered: HIP products include Cr, Mo, ITO, AZO and ZnO sputtering targets.