Advantages of titanium in the field of construction

Advantages of titanium in the field of construction

It is a trend that more and more using of titanium in construction, titanium rod and titanium plate in the field of construction has advantages as follows:

1. The lightweight of titanium can reduce the weight of building materials

Titanium has a low density, about 60% of steel, 50% of copper, and 1.7 times that of aluminum, but it has almost the same strength as ordinary steel. As a building, it can reduce weight by 70% to 75%. It is easy to hoist and can make buildings. The center of gravity of the object is moved down to improve the overall earthquake resistance of the building.

2. Good corrosion resistance of titanium material

Titanium has good corrosion resistance: it can resist urban pollution, industrial radiation and extreme erosion. Therefore, it is suitable for use in marine climate environments.

3. Low thermal expansion coefficient

Compared with other metal building materials, the coefficient of thermal expansion of titanium is small, about 50% of stainless steel and 30% of aluminum. It is close to glass, brick, cement and stone, suitable for sharing, and can highlight titanium in design Features with glass. The thermal stress of titanium is very low, it is 1/2 of stainless steel, aluminum titanium can be used as a whole material, no joints are needed to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.

4. Good processability and welding performance

Titanium is easy to process into thin plates and has good welding performance. Titanium itself has a shiny silver-white luster, and through treatment, a brighter surface can be obtained. In order to achieve a more beautiful decorative effect, different patterns and colors can be obtained by etching and anodizing. The roof can be made into various shapes according to the needs, and the color of the roof will be added to make the whole building become one Perfect artwork.

5. No environmental pollution

With the development of society, people’s requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, and their desire to return to nature is getting stronger and stronger. Because titanium has good corrosion resistance and can be 100% recycled, it will not pollute the environment. It meets environmental protection requirements. On green environmental protection materials.

6. Long service life

Titanium is used as a building material and decorative material, and can resist corrosion for a hundred years without maintenance and repair. From this perspective, it is significantly better than other metals. This advantage is particularly prominent in highly corrosive environments (such as coastal cities and industrial areas). Taking into account the long life cycle of titanium, its long-term cost performance exceeds that of all stainless steel. Titanium building materials do not need maintenance materials, and titanium equipment buildings do not need maintenance measures.